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Portrait & Landscape paints a fascinating picture of a woman whose ‘work’ and passion became the same thing. Initially taking photos to ‘make ends meet’, Bourke-White’s discerning eye led her to ever-increasing high-profile jobs.

Day’s ownership of the material shines through and while her delivery was captivating in its own right, the projections of Bourke-White’s work gave the audience an idea of her skill and achievements.

Review: Breaking the fourth wall. Nov 2017

Edinburgh Festival: A BRIEF TIMELINE


Absolutely brilliant ... The craft of these artists and the material they've creative is stunning. Moving. Funny. Sad. Sexy ... I left exhilarated and inspired. We're fortunate to be able to see such fine work at the Fringe.

Review: Finge Festival website. August 2017



She is a driven professional woman with great passion and creative energy. She is an exceptional writer/director/ who brings her skills to every project.We feel extremely honoured and proud to be working alongside such a talented writer/director. Shirley is an inspiring and generous collaborator who always delivers so much more than you hoped for and has become an integral part of our current slate of films.